PJEP – Creating a Commons

The PJEP network is a commons for social change activists in every US state. A virtual town square where participating organizations post their actions and events, promote targeted eletterspetitions or national boycotts, create online fundraisers; and, to achieve common goals, gather allies and build issue based cooperative relationships with other organizations across the state and across state lines.
The PJEP network is part of a larger commons of 40 networks, (over 1600 organizations) the Peace Justice and Environment Project (pjep.org), that serves all 50 states. The PJEP networks offer organizations (homepage news articles) and individuals (blog entries) space to share news and opinion pieces with activists throughout the country. PJEP networks also share a resource library (growing all the time) of docsvideosaudio files and weblinks that are available to any visitor to the site(s). Add your organization to the Commons. Register to get email alerts from PJEP.

Donors help us bring about peace

To the editor: Heartfelt thanks to the growing number of Midland donors who have supported the international efforts of the Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) in its work to “Transform the world’s response to conflict.” An additional thanks to donors Dave and Linda Z. Smith who are “grateful to be able to contribute yearly to this successful organization. Supporting NP allows us a meaningful way to be part of promoting positive nonviolent resolutions through the work of trained and committed individuals. Their skilled and thoughtful presence builds peaceful relationships in unstable situations… [ more ]


Reader’s view: Taking a step to create peace

Published 2:18 pm, Tuesday, October 24, 2017 To the editor: There are a thousand ways to promote peace today, whether it be in the smallest act of compassion or bigger acts of generosity. St. John’s Episcopal Church has chosen to take a giant step for peace by recently contributing half the cost of one civilian peace staff’s salary hired by the international NGO, the Nonviolent Peaceforce. NP works through those staff to promote and implement unarmed civilian protection (UCP) as a tool for reducing violence and protecting civilians in situations of violent conflict. That means they do not… [ more ]


Andrew Berman on The Story Wall: MN Remembers Vietnam

Minnesota Remembers Vietnam The Story Wall A Minnesota PBS Initiative A Minnesota Vietnam War Resister inside the US Army Minnesota peace activist and veteran for peace Andy Berman recounts on the Minnesota PBS Vietnam Story Wall his personal tale of war resistance during the US War in Vietnam as a member of the United States Army. Like John McCain, Andy felt some pressure to follow his family’s tradition of military service. That family military tradition was not of the ordinary type. It was more of an anti-military tradition. Read the story on the MN Public Broadcast System “Vietnam… [ more ]

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